Our Way of Saying “Thank You”…

“Our Business Is Built on Word of Mouth.
We Appreciate Your Kind Referrals…
In Fact, we’ll Pay You For Them.”


BeMORE Boot Camp is referral driven. That means we don’t spend a bunch of money advertising in the Yellow Pages, on TV, Radio, or in the local newspapers.Instead of giving my money to the local newspapers or radio stations, I’d much rather reward you for referring your friends, family, and co-workers to us. This way, you’re sure your friends and family get the quality attention to detail they deserve…

…and I get high quality, motivated clients.And as a side benefit, instead of spending my time designing ads and dealing with sales reps, I get to spend more time doing what I love…

… helping people reshape their bodies and change their lives.

Refer Your Friends and Family AND Earn Valuable Rewards…

I’d much rather reward you for your kind referrals
than continue handing out money to the newspapers
and radio stations. That’s why I’ve started the Referral
Rewards Program. Here’s how it works…


Tell all your…

  •  friends
  • family
  •  co-workers
  •  business associates
  •  church members
  •  neighbors
  •  organization members
  •  customers
  •  etc.
 …about BeMORE Boot Camp. Tell anyone you know who may need to lose a little weight, or has expressed any desire to start exercising. When you send me a new client who purchases any program, I’ll give you

$50 CASH!!!

You could easily earn yourself a quick $100-$200 just by sending me your neighbors and a family member. And as an added benefit, you’re introducing a person who needs help reclaiming their body to the very person who can help them the most. And since all my services are backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee, you can feel safe in recommending us to your friends. They will get results when they become my client or they don’t pay. PERIOD.

Who Do You Know That Needs My Help?…

Stop for a second and ask yourself this question…

“Who do I know that needs to lose a little weight to be healthier and feel better?…”



I bet if you really took the time to write down every name that comes to mind, you’d have no trouble coming up with at least 5 names. And that’s probably being conservative. Each of those names is someone you care about. You want them to be healthy. You want them to be happy and feel good about themselves. Right? This is your chance to do them a favor that could change the way they look and the improve the quality of their lives! And at the same time you can earn yourself a little extra cash.