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What if I have never exercised before?

It doesn’t matter if you are an advanced level athlete, ex college athelete or someone totally new to exercise. We have numerous modifications for all different situations and abilities.

How fast will I lose weight and how much weight can I expect to lose in the first 4-6 weeks?

This will vary from individual to individual so I can’t give you an exact number but here’s what you should expect. Remember this is not a “Hollywood Diet” or some other quick-fix where you’ll lose a significant amount of weight overnight. There’s only ONE way to effectively lose body fat and keep it off and that’s with a complete nutrition, exercise, and supplement program. When you first start your program the increased physical activity will often result in weight loss of a few pounds. The better you are at making the recommended changes in your diet the better your results will be.

Some individuals will also find they actually gain a pound or two in the beginning. Relax! This is ok and completely normal. When you start doing resistance training and your muscles get sore they’re actually going through inflammation. Your body responds by having your muscle cells hold more water to aid in the repair and rebuilding process. The water weight gain is only temporary and will go away after a few days.

The entire process of getting your body to effectively and efficiently burn fat stores requires a synergistic approach of changes in your diet, cardiovascular exercise and resistance training. Your objective is to continually improve and progress in all THREE of these areas if you want to see a body transformation. You can’t just do the resistance training for example and not make changes in your diet or with cardio and expect to see significant changes.

A decrease in 1-2% of body fat in the first 4-6 weeks is very good. If you follow the program correctly you’ll start to see significant changes after about twelve weeks. This is due to the fact that as you progress to higher levels of intensity with your workouts you’ll begin to maximize fat burning. It simply takes several weeks of progression before you can get to that level. Evaluate your progress by how your clothes fit and use the mirror instead of the scale

What can I do about the muscle soreness after my first few workouts and how long will this last?

Although discomforting, the muscle soreness and pain your experience after
your first few workouts is a positive sign. It means that your muscles have responded to the increased demands of your new workouts and are breaking down in order to rebuild ber. The muscle soreness often referred to as “DOMS” or (delayed onset muscle soreness) may actually start 24-48 hours after your workout. This is due to micro trauma or small tears that occur on the muscle fibers. The best treatment for DOMS is simply ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation and discomfort. Your body will adapt to the new demands of your resistance training and the soreness will go away after your first few workouts.

Periodically through your program, especially when your trainer introduces a new stimulus you will be sore again for a day or so. This is part of your normal progression and should be expected. However, if you continue to be sore after every workout it’s an indication that something is wrong. You may be over training and/or not receiving adequate nutrition and rest for recovery. Please consult with your trainer if you’re experiencing persistent soreness and muscle or joint pain.

Why should I invest in your services when I can join my local gym for $30-70 a month?

Well, the first reason is we guarantee your satisfaction AND your results! The second reason is we teach you everything you need to know about being successful, whereas, your gym or health club will pretty much let you do your own thing. Plus, many people pay for a membership each month and never go, and that’s not money well spent. Think of our services as an investment in your fitness, health, and your life! We also provide the key ingredients for success…..Accountability, culture, and Community!

What kind of people are out there?

We have members from ex college athletes to couch potatoes and everything in-
between. The one thing everyone has in common is the goal to better themselves one BeMORE workout at a time and have a great time doing it!

What is a typical workout at BeMORE Boot Camp?

At BeMORE Boot Camp we make sure that each and every one of our workouts is fun,
challenging, and completely different than the last. With the variety of different exercises you wont have to worry about losing interest in the same old routine. Some of what you might expect is: sprinting/ jogging, resistance bands, dumbbells, calisthenics, TRX Suspension, full body circuits, plyometrics, agility drills, obstacle courses and much more.

How long does your program run for?

We don’t have a basic 4 week or 6 week program because each member has individual
goals that require a personalized program. We will assess each persons goals, budget, availability and even current physical condition to provide a tailor fit exercise regimen that can range from 1- 5 days a week on a monthly payment, up to a one year pre-paid program.

How long are the training sessions?

The sessions are 50 minutes long. They consist of a dynamic warm up, and about 36-40 minutes of Hardcore exercise!

How many people are in each class?

Class sizes vary from 10 to 36 people. No member is restricted to one time slot or day, so you will see new and enthusiastic people each time you come out!

Are your workouts only for athletes?

No!!! While you’ll see some people in great shape at BeMORE Boot Camp, you have to remember that they didn’t (all) get here looking that way. The workouts can be scaled to meet your abilities, whatever they may be. We work with clients of all age groups and fitness levels.

How intense are your workouts? They look scary!

Just sign up for your trial offer and we’ll take good care of you. The workouts are intense but nothing you cant handle. Sessions are designed with you in mind. If you’re new, the coach will instruct you on scaling to your abilities and fitness level. It’s not a race, it’s a journey. Think of it as group training with personal training sprinkled all over!

I see a lot of weight lifting and im a girl, wont I get bulky?

Numerous studies, and real life examples at BeMORE Boot Camp, clearly show that
tough and challenging weight lifting in a workout will not lead to bulk or bulging Incredible Hulk muscles. Woman simply don’t produce the necessary amount of testosterone and other hormones needed to get huge muscles. Now, that’s not to say that you can’t get big, otherwise there would be no Mr. Olympia. The thing is, you’d have to live in the gym full time, train in a specific way, and probably inject yourself with all kinds of illegal stuff to get that way

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