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If you’re struggling with weight loss or simply want to feel better, you might consider seeking the help of a Baltimore nutrition expert. While some people use the services of a nutritionist, others prefer to go to a personal trainer for help, getting both nutritional advice and working out at the same time. Exercise and a healthy diet go hand in hand for a healthy lifestyle. Both of these not only help fight off disease, but help protect the cells from damage.

Proper nutrition can be better than a pill.

A number of studies show that lack of certain nutrients can lead to illness and disease. Lack of magnesium can create heart problems, while lack of vitamin D may cause malaise and frequent infections. Newer studies show that the phytonutrient, anthocyanins, which give fruits and vegetables their dark blue or purple color can be effective in preventing and fighting some forms of cancer. While there is a study to isolate it for treatment, most studies show that these types of nutrients work synergistically with other nutrients in fruits and vegetables to create a potent protection. It doesn’t take a prescription nor does it require expensive drugs to boost your potential for health. A balanced diet can provide it all.

Exercise also helps promote good health.

While you’ve probably heard of the foods high in antioxidants, which protect the cells from free radicals, you may not know that the body makes antioxidants too. Exercise stimulates the body to create even more. When you first start exercising, it produces more free radicals, which triggers the brain to produce more antioxidants. The more you exercise, the more antioxidants the body produces, even when you’re not exercising.

You’ll never need another diet when you learn to make wise food choices and exercise regularly.

In order to lose weight, you have to eat fewer calories than you burn. While a healthy diet can mean a lower caloric intake, exercising increases the amount of calories you burn, putting a double whammy on fat. It does more than that. It also builds muscle tissue, which requires more calories than fat tissue does, so you’ll be burning more calories 24 hours a day.

Studies show that regular weight bearing exercise can help build bone density to fight off osteoporosis.

Exercise can help you sleep better at night, giving your body time to repair itself.

Exercise burns off the negative hormones, such as cortisol, created by stress. It replaces those hormones with ones that make you feel good, such as endorphins.

You’ll have more energy to socialize and participate in other activities. The more you do, the better you’ll feel.

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